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  • Dallas Morning News: We recommend Clay Jenkins for Dallas County judge

    by the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board
    In four years as Dallas County judge, Democrat Clay Jenkins has led with his chin — even at the risk of being tagged with political uppercuts.
    He aggressively sought a new CEO for Parkland when the county’s only public hospital was on the verge of collapse, and proposed county purchasing and ethics reforms in the wake of federal charges that fellow Commissioners Court member John Wiley Price exploited weak internal controls for his own benefit.

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  • Heroes


    This weekend, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital tested positive for Ebola. 

    She is the first person to have contracted the virus within the United States. 

    It's an important reminder: This nurse, and all health care workers on the front lines of Ebola here in Dallas County, are heroes. She was dedicated to her job, and her job was to protect and treat patients like Thomas Eric Duncan. 

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  • Dallas Official Confronts City’s Fear of Ebola in Person

    By Manny Fernandez, New York Times

    DALLAS — Shortly after he tried to reassure this city at a news conference that he did not put himself at risk of Ebola by coming into contact with the quarantined family of the nation’s first Ebola victim last week, Judge Clay Jenkins had a smaller audience to convince.

    His neighbors. And his wife.

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