Aug 10, 2013

Under Judge Jenkins direct leadership, the Dallas County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department has successfully responded to two major events and continued to strengthen the department and the safety and security of Dallas County residents.  The response to the Lancaster tornadoes in 2012 was commended by Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd. Last year, Judge Jenkins made the decision to order aerial spraying that ended the worst West Nile Virus epidemic in America. Jenkins oversaw and coordinated these efforts, earning national recognition for his leadership in a time of crisis. 

"The Dallas County Medical Society board unanimously approved the physicians’ recommendation and relayed it to county officials. Amid politically paralyzing public debate, County Judge Clay Jenkins declared an emergency and ordered aerial spraying....An independent study by CDC scientists concluded that the epidemic ended more quickly in sprayed areas."

Dr. Robert Haley and Dr. James Luby, Dallas County Medical Society members who study mosquito-borne diseases, in a Dallas Morning News Op-Ed published March 17th, 2013