Living Wage

Aug 31, 2014

People who work full time deserve to earn a living wage.  A wage they can feel good about.  That wage should be able to pays for life's necessities and let them pass on a sense of optimism to their children.

Here in Dallas County, we eliminated the pay grades below $10.25 an hour, ensuring that no full-time Dallas County employee will make less than a living wage. Parkland Hospital followed our lead and has approved a measure to ensure that none of their full-time employees make less than $10.25 an hour. This increase was funded from executive compensation funds and affected 230 employees.

However, we still have contracts with independent companies for contract employees working full time at county buildings. Some of these employers pay minimum wage without benefits. I believe all contract employees working for Dallas County deserve a living wage, just like every other county employee. They work the same hours in the same buildings yet someone has decided that the jobs that they preform are worth less. That is wrong and I want to fix it. That’s why District Attorney Craig Watkins and I sent a letter to Attorney General Greg Abbott requesting the Attorney General’s opinion if Dallas County can include in its contracts a $10.25 minimum wage for all county contractors. These contract employees are part of our county team and deserve the dignity of a living wage.